Daft & Real Production is specialised in creative film and TVC production.


Our main business focuses on TV commercials and original creative videos. We provide the professional workflow and the chain services from the aspects of creative ideas to filming execution.

Here, we are the crazy enthusiast. We serve for creativity, live for production. 

We have the professional production team and producing system. We form the most productive and efficient team according to every individual client and project. We collaborate with he top directors in the industry, we also excavate the young and potential creators. 

Our creative steps seal across the boarder to southeast Asia and Europe. It covers the best production networks for the quality of the content in both pre- and post-field. 

We don’t serve for competitive bidding. Our production works speak for us. We maximise your trust and budget effect by our creativity, specialty and our professional crew. 

2014 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival - Bronze Award

2010 China 4A Award - Gold Award

2009 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival - Gold Award

2008 BBC Music Award

China Content Marketing Awards - Gold Award for Best Animation Video

China Content Marketing Awards - Silver Award for Best Creative Idea

Cannes “Young Director Award 2009” Final Shot List

Some works have been selected in the industry magazine Stash and Shots

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