Daft & Real Production is an innovative film and TV commercial production house.


We professionally engage in the high-end customized production service including TVC and film, micro-film, documentary and MV.


Team cooperation: we own a top team resource in this industry. The directors all graduate from the schools of directing and animation in Beijing Film Academy. The producers all have the experience for many years and 4A occupational background. The creation team with the director as its core and the executive team with the supervisor as its core are both enthusiastic about the unique thinking and perfect product for the public. Meanwhile, the high-end pre-production and post-production teams of us include a diversified resource such as directors from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, production service and post production in order to service for the programs with various types and scales.


Previous achievements: we achieve a good reputation from this industry and have gained the outstanding achievements including the bronze medal of the film and TV technology of 2014 Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival, the golden medal of the best animation innovation of Golden Eye Awards, the silver medal of the best innovation of Golden Eye Awards, the bronze medal of 2010 4A China Golden Seal Creative Awards, the golden medal of 2009 Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival and 2008 BBC Annual World Music Awards. Some of the works are also nominated by the famous and professional image magazines Stash and Shots, the best new director award of 2009 Cannes Advertising Festival.


Scope of service: the brands that we have serviced for almost include the whole industry, including China Mobile, CCTV, Volkswagen, Intel Corporation, COFCO Corporation, Royal Dutch /Shell Group of Companies, Red Bull Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Infiniti Corporation, Subaru, Tencent Group, Seat Corporation, Tsingtao Brewery Corporation, Huiyuan Food Group, Li-Ning, Carlsberg and Nokia Corporation.


On the way moving forward steadily, we feel that every time of cooperation represents a trust and it is our great honor to create these delicate products with the combination of art and commerce. We also believe deeply that providing the unique quality and service with international professional standard is the proposition of Daft N Real Production.

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